Integrated Sweep Operation

On Saturday 27 May 2018 Capital Security participated in an integrated sweep operation with various Neighbourhood Watches and other stakeholders such as the Police Mounting unit. This operation specifically focused on the bush in Goliath Estate also known as the “Vlak” where drug trading and deals are taking place.

The commitment displayed by the volunteers and its stakeholders on Saturday has proven itself to be of one of a kind with many successes. 18 parcels of dagga were found which were hidden deep under the sand. Sniffer dogs were used to point out where these were hidden whilst volunteers ensured that it was recovered from below. Whilst we had the drone up in the air, also one of the initiatives operated by Stephan Smith, one of the community members and voluntary patrollers, it ensured eyes into the bushes from above where volunteers were searching, subsequent the mounting unit and its forces.

Together with the 18 parcels of dagga, knifes, gas pistols, handbags and wallets and computer supplies were evident as a result of housebreakings and robberies that previously occurred. We will continue to endeavour on such community projects and “sweeps” within these bushes in our attempt to combat crime for safety to our community.